SFTP and SCP with Fugu


  1. Download the Fugu application from http://rsug.itd.umich.edu/software/fugu/files/Fugu-1.2.0-English.dmg


  1. When the browser asks where to save the file, direct it to the Desktop (CMD+D).


  1. Once the application has downloaded, double click the icon. A white disk icon will appear. Double click the disk icon and drag the Fugu application icon to your Applications folder.


  1. Navigate to the applications folder and double click the Fugu application.


  1. Fill in the correct information. For ‘Connect to’ enter “Pegasus.montclair.edu”, ‘Username’ enter your Pegasus username, and ‘Port’ enter 22.  Leave ‘Directory’ blank. Nothing should be modified under advanced options.


  1. Click connect. When prompted to enter your password, do so, and click authenticate.


  1. You can now drag and drop files from your local folders to the  remote machine.