How to setup a Web page on pegasus 

NOTE: Personal web pages on the CSAM web server are *only* available to students enrolled in the College of Science and Mathematics at Montclair State University. Personal web pages are subject to the same Guidelines for Responsible Computing that effect other computing resources provided by the University.

To set up a web page on the CSAM web server, you must first log into your Unix account and create a public_html directory with the correct access permissions. Here's how you do that step by step from your command prompt:

(Hit <enter> after each command, but don't type the things in parenthesis, they're just an explanation of what each command is doing.)

 cd ~                   (move to your home dir, just in case)
 mkdir public_html      (make the public_html dir.) 
 chmod 711 ~            (change permissions on your home dir) 
 chmod 711 public_html  (change permissions on public_html dir) 
 cd public_html         (move to the public_html directory)
All .html, .gif, and .jpeg files that you want to make available from your homepage MUST be located in your public_html directory. The CSAM Web server will not serve documents out of any other directory but public_html.

For each file you'd like to make publicly accessible, type:

 chmod 644 filename.html
where filename is the actual name of the particular file. This sets the permissions on the file so that everyone can READ it, but only you can MODIFY it.

The URL for your web page will be:

TIP: When most web browsers are pointed at a URL that does not end with a specific .html file, the browser will try to open a file called index.html. Therefore, you should probably name your "main" html page index.html