Secure Shell (SSH) access for




Single Click the “Finder” icon found in the “Dock”


Double Click the “Applications” icon





Double Click the “Utilites” icon


Double Click on “Terminal” icon





Click on “File” in the menu and scroll down to “Connect to Server…”


Click “Secure Shell (ssh)” under Services, click the + sign on the right side under server



Enter “” and click “ok”


Enter in your Pegasus username, and click arrows next to “SSH Protocol 1” to select “SHH Protocol 2”.   Click “Connect”


If you have not connected to Pegasus before with this method you might see this message.  If so type “yes” and press return.


Enter your Pegasus password amd press return



For Future connections to Pegasus, click “”, enter your Pegasus username, and change to “SSH Protocol 2”.  Click “Connect”