How to Install and Configure Secure File Transfer Client








1.)   To install SSH Secure Shell and Secure File Transfer go to:




      Download the current SSHSecureShellClient


Save the file to the desktop

Once the download is completed run the program and Click Next

If you agree with the License Terms Click Yes

Click Next for default installation location

Click Next, then Next again for default Components

If you are ready to install, click Next and when completed click Finish


2.)   Navigate to the “Secure File Transfer Client” Shortcut in the Start-menu


Start>Programs>SSH Secure Shell> Secure File Transfer Client



3.)   Click “Quick Connect” on the lower menu bar in the application



4.)   Type “” into the “Host Name” field and your username into the “User Name” field.



5.) If the below message appears please click “Yes”


6.) The application will request your password for access into the system



7.) After successfully logging into Pegasus it will ask for you to “Add Profile”.  Type “Pegasus” and click “Add to Profiles”


8.) Future connections into Pegasus can now we accessed quickly from the “Profiles” menu in the lower menu bar, after the SSH Secure Shell has been started.