Pine IMAP Configuration:


From the command line prompt on Pegasus, type “pine” and press return.

(If you need assistance connecting to Pegasus with SSH please check

CORE Documentation Site for additional help)


This will display a short summary of the steps we are about to complete, press return to continue.



With the arrow keys on your keyboard scroll down until “SETUP” is highlighted and press return.





With the keyboard type the ‘C’ key for Configuration



With the arrow keys on your keyboard, scroll down until you have highlighted “user-domain” and press return.  This will bring up a message on the screen that asks you to “Enter the text to be added:” type “” and press return.



Repeat the above step for “smtp-server” by entering “” and “inbox-path” by entering “{}INBOX”



Once you have completed these continue to scroll down with use of the arrow keys on your keyboard to “enable-lame-list-mode” under “[ Folder Preferences ]”.  To place an ‘X’ in this option to enable it press the return key.



Type ‘E’ to exit Setup, a message will come on the screen to see if you wish to “Commit Changes”, type ‘Y’ and press return.



This will bring you back to the main menu.  Type ‘S’ to re-enter the setup menu and then ‘L’ to enter the “CollectionLists” options.  To add a new Collection List, type ‘A’ for the “Add Cltn” option.



With use of the arrow keys on the keyboard scroll until “Nickname” is highlighted and type “Pegasus IMAP folders”.  Again with the use of the arrow keys highlight “Server” and type “”.  To save this Folder Collection press the control and the ‘X’ keys on the keyboard.



A prompt will appear asking that you enter “LOGIN NAME” and “PASSWORD”.

When completed you will be asked if you want to “Exit and save changes?” type ‘Y’. 







Highlight “Pegasus IMAP folders” and press ‘$’ on the keyboard, this will ask you if you wish to shuffle the order of list and press ‘U’ to put the new list at the first.  Press ‘X’ to exit setup and ‘Q’ to quit pine.



This should bring you back to the “” prompt from which we need to edit your .pinerc file.  To do the necessary modifications type the below list of commands with pressing return after each line:


cd ~

pico .pinerc


With the use of the arrow keys scroll until you have found “rsh-open-timeout=” and type a ‘0’ after the ‘=’

Press the control and ‘X’ keys to save and exit the change to .pinerc.  When asked which file name confirm that the file is “.pinerc” and press return.